Summer 2021 is Coming!!!

Summer is coming! Celebrate by infusing your home and wardrobe with a pop of blue this season!


Firstly, let us say a big hello and welcome back. It’s been a challenging time for us as it has been for small businesses up and down the country. We’re back and better than ever this month, ready to welcome you back after a Winter of hibernation. What a winter it’s been; dull and grey, we’ve been forced to isolate ourselves from friends and family, dreaming about the time we can reunite with our loved ones and re-join the world again.


Well that time is finally here! Summer is approaching and it’s time for a refresh. The changing season is the perfect reason to update your home and your wardrobe to incorporate some of the colours we’re enjoying this summer.


A beautiful and unusual favourite colour for this summer is a sapphire blue, it conjures up images of beach holidays and the rich jewelled fabrics of a Moroccan market. We recommend adding sapphire blue in quirky and unexpected places to liven up your home. A jewel coloured serving bowl, candle dish or jewellery box provides a lovely point of interest. You can serve cocktails in mesmerising blue cocktail glasses or set the table with a shimmery blue runner to evoke relaxing watery goodness.


Blue is known to bring up feelings of calmness and serenity, helping us to mentally stabilise ourselves, it explains why gazing at the ocean or up at the sky makes us feel peaceful inside. You can gain some of this calm for yourself by draping blue throws over a sofa or chair, even adding a blue rug or drapes for a larger wash of colour.


We love this blue glass votive, available online and in limited stock in-store for only £6.

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We adore blue for clothing this season as well, pop into our boutique to discover our range of scarves in soft, touchable fabrics. Rich jewel blue, sea-foam, pastel blue, there’s a shade to compliment each skin tone and so many ways to wear a scarf in the summer time. We believe scarves are an essential summer accessory, a fabulous way to keep the sun off your neck and bring a sophisticated touch of colour to your outfit. Wrap around your neck or around your swimsuit at the beach for a pretty cover-up.


We recommend accessorising blue with statement jewellery in silver or dainty gold necklaces or bracelets. We have a wide selection in-store and we’re always in hand to help you choose the right item for you.


This silver oval necklace is available in-store and online for £40, the perfect way to set off a blue scarf for effortless summertime chic.

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You can make the most of your pop of blue with a matching manicure or pedicure, what a great way to mark your holiday and pay homage to the oceanic beachside loveliness.


Whatever style you’re planning to wear this season, we’re here to help you accessorise. Our stocks are replenished with the latest in Spring/Summer trends and we have a wide range of beautiful homeware, from candle holders to photo frames, vases and jewellery boxes and jewellery in a variety of our signature styles.


We hope to see you soon!




Homeware: Seasonal style tips for spring

What better way to celebrate the start of a new season than by sprucing up your home with HomebyRachel’s seasonal style tips for spring?

Discover all the latest seasonal homeware trends and – of course – the HomebyRachel touches that can make your spaces truly unforgettable.

Scene setting

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas.

Your home must go back to basics if you’re to build a look that’s contemporary yet homely and adaptable for all seasons.

This means keeping things simple with muted, block colours on the walls and floors that flow from room to room.

An emerging trend in 2017 is a return to timeless, uniquely crafted furniture. Make sure you’re choosing furniture that’s characterful, but doesn’t dominate the space.

You can then overlay bold, statement homeware accessories and lighting to make the space all your own every season.

Colour palette

Neutrals are truly on-trend for spring 2017. Build up your backdrop using muted tones, including:

  • Pale gray
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Camel
  • Blush pink

Overlay this backdrop with bold colours; plum, rich browns and eye-catching metallic tones like gold, silver and bronze.

The full spectrum of greens – everything from lime to olive – looks set to be a major feature in 2017, and is ideal for reflecting the rebirth of spring. Weave this into your look with fresh, green-stemmed flowers, green glass crockery or a shaggy green rug.


Splash your bold spring motifs across cushions, throws and other accessories to add a unique dash of style.


Spring was made for floral motifs. Complex, intertwining patterns strike a primal chord, and provide so much opportunity to incorporate eye-catching blues, yellows, purples and reds.


With everyone from Marc Jacobs to Prada experimenting with tropical prints on the catwalk already this year, it’s hard to look past tropical as this year’s must-have motif.


Geometric patterns are an old favourite that make a statement but maintain a sense of order. Use complementary colours and designs to pick out or join up particular areas (like a single pattern for seating areas).


Colour isn’t the only way to show off your original approach to spring style. Texture is getting ever more important too.

Combining thick layered or woven fabrics on plain leather or wood can create a statement juxtaposition. Subtly textured wallpaper is another way to introduce materials that are responsive to touch.

But, to stay in vogue in 2017, try combining something natural and clean (think: marble) with something industrial yet glamorous (like brushed steel or nickel).

Even better – try gold, or bronze. These characterful metals have a warm glow and changes as it oxidises, giving off an organic, emerald-green shimmer.

Try out these seasonal style tips for spring and create spaces that reflect your unique eye for design.

Discover how HomebyRachel can help get your home set for spring with more homeware style advice and unforgettable accessories.

Secrets of soft furnishings: curating your home with cushions and throws

Curating your soft furnishings is a practical and low-cost way of displaying your style, and refreshing it for new seasons or looks.

We’ve put together this set of golden rules to help you make the most of cushions and throws in your home:

Soft furnishings can bring your home to life

  • Use cushions and throws to bring out emotion. In the bedroom, you might want to represent calm and cohesion, while your living room could be vibrant, fun and intriguing.
  • Play with colour and texture to create something that’s all you. Sleek materials present an air of order and style, while tactile materials just ooze relaxation and comfort.
  • Know when to contrast and when to complement. Use pastel colours to complement the effortless sophistication of dark wood, and contrast neutral tones with vibrant fabrics to liven things up.
  • Change materials to match the seasons. Bring in faint linens and pandans in summer, and rich wool, mohair or cashmere in winter.
  • Match furniture of different styles. Use the same style of cushion or throw across furniture of different types to make the room’s design feel cohesive.
  • And, why stop at your front door? Use cushions and throws to bring a dash of style and comfort to your garden furniture this summer.

Curating your cushions and throws

You’re the most important ingredient in creating a space that matches your tastes. But, here are a few tips to help get you started:


Cushions can enhance almost any space. Think about which type is best suited to each environment:

  • A diverse selection of pillows for sofas or beds
  • A huge, oversized floor pillow for your living space
  • A thick, square cushion to revitalise an old wooden chair

For sofas and beds, mix-and-match the size, colour and shape of your cushions. Stick to a maximum of three colours that complement one another.

Use neutral tones for larger cushions, mid-tones for medium-sized ones and brighter colours for the smallest to accentuate the space.

A large square cushion is infinitely practical, but smaller cushions can work better as rectangles, or even circles.

Cushions are great for introducing a bit of geometry. But, if you’re going for a patterned look, try sticking to a single cushion size and similar designs to stop it looking too busy.


Think about the style, material and presentation of your throws.

Cotton, cashmere and other fine-knit throws look chic when pressed, folded and centred on your sofa, or draped over the arm as an invitation to visitors.

But, fur and chunky-knit wool look better when crumpled, cascaded or thrown, and are irresistibly indulgent come the colder months.

A throw draped over the foot of your bed can make it feel cozier and more inviting. But, why not try something a little different?

Layer multiple complementary throws over one another (bold over neutral and pattern over block colours) to different depths for the ultimate in luxury. Cover the whole bed with a larger throw, or drape it neatly over the headboard to add a splash of colour.

Don’t hold back! Get out there and start experimenting with your soft furnishings.

Brighten up your home by browsing our collection of soft furnishings or contact our friendly team for more expert style advice from HomebyRachel.

Create An At-Home Haven This Autumn 🍂

The autumn equinox is here! Autumn has caught us in our summer wear, and while the nights start to draw in, now is the perfect moment to prepare for the season ahead. Rachel has hand-picked pieces we hope will inspire you to create an at-home haven.


Sweet Myrrh & Caramel Mini Trio Tealight Gift Set

Here at Home by Rachel, we like to call Autumn and Winter ‘Candle Season’ the perfect time to cosy up next to one of our bespoke, hand-poured luxury candles. No matter your style or preference, we have a range of unique blends to suit all tastes, but this Autumn we want to showcase one of our original and best-loved fragrances, Sweet Myrrh and Caramel.

There’s never a wrong moment to light up candles and get cosy, but autumn is our favourite time. When the leaves start turning orange and brown, isn’t it the time to add cosy touches to your interior? Setting the ambience with a fragrance that smell like autumn is so important to set the mood and mark the change in season.


Either draped around your shoulders to feel cosy on chillier nights or adding style to your sofa and fetch a pop of colour. Our throws are the perfect way to bring a snug feel in any room in your home.

The multi-colour throw is so versatile; it will quickly become the next best thing to a hug. This superb cotton, cashmere and other fine-knit throws look chic. Whether it is pressed and folded on your sofa and will also look inviting over the foot-of-the-bed.


A house is so much more than bricks and furniture – refresh your home this autumn; dress your sofas and beds with our modern range of cushions. Adding cushions to your living room is the most affordable way to showcase your sense of style. They are comfy and add a real touch of style to your home., so go for it.


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Our Christmas Gift Sets Are Back in Stock

Our Christmas fragrances gift sets are now back in stock, by popular demand. Surprise someone you love with our luxury fragrance gift sets; they make a great gift.

We love many things about autumn/winter. The walks. The autumn foliage. The cosy evenings spent inside our home.  Yes, we love winter and fragrances gift sets are perfect for the season. The days might get colder, but who doesn’t like to get warm and cosy inside whilst it gets all wintery outside? We are set to spend more time in our home this winter season. It is now the right time to fill your home with comforting scents and warmth.

Shop our carefully curated selection of fragrance Christmas gifts available online.

Rich Winter Cinnamon

This mouthwatering gift set smell like you’ve guessed it. The winter Rich Winter Cinnamon is a Spicy mix of Clove & Citrus aromas blended over a Wood & Musk base note topped with a hint of Floral Jasmine.

Winter Romance

The comforting smell of dessert baked with love on the sofa (Scent of Elysium, Sweet Myrrh & Caramel, Romantic Bergamot & Citrus Medley) will carry you through the festive season.

Home by Rachel London says ‘dream a little and then a bit more.

Romantic Bergamot & Citrus Medley 

This romantic, more masculine scented candle blends wood and citrus, bergamot, orange & rosemary. This beautiful candle delivers a modern twist of jasmine and tonka, on top of leather, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk.

Restful Rocksalt & Waterlily

A beautiful, fresh sea scent with notes of seaweed and green algae livened by a coastal breeze of cyclamen and water lily. At the heart of the fragrance sparkling salt-crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.

This would work well in a nautical-themed setting but is truly restful and refreshing wherever it might be located. Pure in thought and deed? With a sense of invigorating freedom.

Scent of Elysium

This really is the scent of heaven. Sweet, fresh, beautiful, captivating, enchanting. The final destination, the full stop. The fullness and richness of life shrouded in ethereal completeness. Such depth, vast and exuberant. Reserved for the discerning. Selected for those who luxuriate in the good thing of life. with a promise of more to come. “Take my breath away!”

Black plum, fresh rhubarb, ripe pear, sweet peach. Vibrant, fruity, mouth-watering, mood-inspiring.



Cosiest, Prettiest Of Seasons

Autumn is here, that means it’s time to enjoy the cosiest, prettiest of seasons.
It’s time to wrap up in cosy autumn knits and venture out into the countryside to admire the falling, amber leaves. Time to huddle like penguins beneath the fireworks on bonfire night, or snuggle by the fire on family nights in on the sofa. However you plan to spend the autumn season, here at Home By Rachel we’ve developed scents that will allow you to create the atmosphere you’re craving. We have a range of scents that are perfectly formulated for the autumn season, our Rich Winter Cinnamon fragrance is inspired by comfort food, you’ll instantly be reminded of baking yummy childhood treats by this warm, rich scent. Our Restful Rock-salt and Waterlily scent is a soothing atmospheric blend that will wash right over you. The Sweet Myrrh and Caramel scent is as delicious as it sounds, but a round warm fragrance rather than a sugary one. Finally, the Romantic Bergamot and Citrus Medley fragrance is joyful and delicate, lifting the mood and soothing the soul. All of our fragrances come as candles, diffusers and room sprays so that you can enjoy them whenever and however you wish.

Don’t forget to check out our chic accessories to keep you looking gorgeous when you do decide to brave the chilly outdoors. At we carry cherry-picked boutique treasures that will see you through from day-to-night.

We hope you have the twinkliest, cuddliest autumn yet, and that your sparklers sparkle the brightest. Lots of love from all of us at Home By Rachel London.

Interior design for summer

Last week was the first time I’ve been able to get out and just bask in the sun, and it got me thinking about interior design for summer.

I’ve ditched that dense winter wardrobe and emerged from my cocoon. Shouldn’t I help my home do the same? My darlings, of course I should – and you should too!

So, while I was sipping a delectable Pinot out on the lawn, I asked myself “If I could share just a few secrets on interior design for summer, what would they be?” Here’s what I came up with:

Choosing colours and materials

Let’s start at the top. You’ll need to curate the colours and materials in your home to match the mood and palette of summer.

Don’t let the hot weather turn your home into a stuffy little cavern. Choose materials that breathe and open up the space, like linen, lace, hemp, cotton and silk.

Summer is made for contrast, so turn up your bright colours and darker tones. Ocean-side pale blues, rich bright coral and celadon are just some of my summer favourites. Mix up block prints with floral, natural or beach patterns to breathe life into a space.

Choose a selection of delightful items that bring a vivacious flash of excitement to the room. Display some decorative plates, cover a dark wood chair with a lighter throw and freshen up your cushions to make a bold statement.

Bringing the outdoors in

Summer is all about blending nature with your interior design.

Choose a theme as your starting point. Try a country garden or coastal look. Or, go all in with the glorious kitsch of a summer fete (think bunting, flags and twee tablecloths).

Build up your look by swapping in a few choice additions. Fill vases with fresh blooms and put them on your shelves, table or floor. Use bamboo and pale woods to make the room feel tactile.

Try shells or faux coral trinkets to conjure those beach memories. Pair with a little maritime chic – a nautical antique or vintage atlas.

Scent should be the cherry on top. Choose an aroma that complements your look perfectly, like bamboo and coconut, bergamot and citrus or rock salt and waterlily.

Cooling your space

It’s not just about how your space looks. It’s about how you feel in your space.

Switch out heavy drapes for long, flowing curtains. This’ll keep the sun out and give you a little privacy during the day. And, it’ll keep those critters out in the evenings!

In the boudoir, ditch the thick duvet and put on some light, cotton bedding. Buckwheat pillows look fabulous and keep your head cool all night.

While you’re at it, transform the spaces you’ve been using for heating. Use radiators and fireplaces as a blank canvas to paint your ideas on.

That should be enough to get you started on perfecting your interior design for summer. Until next time!

Transform your home for summer and bring a little bit of sunshine indoors by browsing my carefully curated homeware collection.

Summer jewellery

The sun might be hiding, but that hasn’t stopped me daydreaming about summer jewellery.

Is it turning into an obsession? Maybe. But, I just love how the right piece can make a delicate summer outfit ‘pop’; how the sunlight transforms perceptions of colour and glints enticingly off gems and polished metals.

Let’s be real, though. This is England, and we’ve got to squeeze every last second out of the sunny times before we’re cast into cloud again. That means getting your summer wardrobe ready – and stat!

Here are some of my style secrets to help choose the perfect summer jewellery:


What do you imagine when you think of summer?

For me, it’s all about garden parties, impromptu picnics, strolling along the promenade and getting my exercise fix outdoors – as well as a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Basically, it’s everything you can’t do for the rest of the year. And, you need the jewellery to match.

If you’re showing off a little more skin, think about accessorising in different ways. Use your skin as a canvas and summer jewellery as your paint.

Two of my absolute faves for summer are ankle bracelets and long, tumbling necklaces.

And, as you’re shedding the layers, why not compensate with a little extra jewellery? Layered, lengthy necklaces with textured details or layered chokers just scream boho chic.

Try it with bracelets, too. Choose a selection of bold items in complementary shades, and don’t be afraid to mix up materials. Draw the eye down to those fabulous nails.


The changing shades of summer sunshine demand a new jewellery colour palette.

My rule is “Go gold, go bold, or go old” (more on that last bit later).

Gold complements the warm tones of a summer evening. If traditional gold isn’t your thing, try softer tones – like the pinkish glow of rose gold.

I can’t resist going bold, either. Spark the fuse on a bright outfit by pairing it with jewellery in pinks and purples, or ocean-like azures.

You could even go the other way entirely. Organic tones and shapes will make you feel at one with nature. Or, go all in and choose jewellery made to look like natural objects.


Here’s where that “go old” thing comes in. Summer is the time to spread your wings and fly beyond the conventions of simple metallic jewellery.

When I see people wearing these classic, timeless materials, my heart skips a beat.

Pearls – they’re vintage, organic and a little reminder of the seaside. Combining complementary pearl jewellery is a piece of cake. And, if you can resist touching it, you’re a stronger person than I am!

Crystal has magical properties. I’m not talking healing stones, I’m talking the same appeal as a log fire in winter – you just can’t look away. With angular shapes and bold colours, crystal makes a real statement.

There you have it – a window into my daydreaming mind! I hope you’ve found something handy. Get your jewellery game on point and make a splash at your social soirees this summer.

Become a summer goddess and stand out from the crowd with my chic, expertly curated jewellery range.

Make a difference with Malawi Smiles

HomeByRachel is a proud supporter of the Malawi Smiles initiative. A a charitable project that helps orphans in Malawi gain access to education.

With education, these children – who have endured so much hardship in their young lives – will be given the tools they need to take control of their futures. They will also be able to contribute more to their local communities.

Here, we’ll introduce you to this life-changing initiative. We’ll also suggest ways to get involved in raising awareness and funds to help orphaned children in Malawi.

Malawi Smiles changes lives

The civil war that raged in Mozambique during the 1970s led many families to flee their homes. Some crossed the border with Malawi in search of safety.

This resulted in great upheaval. Family members became scattered as individuals became sick, passed away or left to find work – of which there was little to none available.

Food and clothing became scarce, and children were left in the care of elderly relatives, who would soon need support themselves. Education fell by the wayside as children were forced to spend time looking for the basic sustenance they needed to survive.

Malawi Smiles and The Hippopot Project

Alice Nugent was the sister of one of the grandmothers asked to care for these children. She saw the situation first-hand, and was compelled to do something to help.

Through Hippopot (Alice’s herbal tea company), she began developing a series of initiatives designed to help these children in any way she could. Alice called this ‘The Hippopot Project‘.

The Hippopot Project has already run a series of successful initiatives meant to give these kids a brighter future, including:

Malawi Smiles is the latest of these initiatives. The main aim is to raise funds to pay for the school and maintenance fees, food, and clothing that give orphaned children the chance of a brighter future.

As of April 2017, children supported by Malawi Smiles have been in school for well over 18 months. At HomeByRachel, we’re committed to doing more to ensure these kids can complete their studies, and to help offer the same opportunities to other orphaned children in Malawi.

Your chance to get involved

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of all those who have donated to this worthy cause.

Most recently, Malawi Smiles held a night “full of heart-warming smiles, soul-warming music, and body-warming food”, which raised £936 for the cause.

A trip to the children’s orphanage has been booked in for July. And, HomeByRachel is also preparing for the initiative’s biggest event yet, which is scheduled to take place next year.

Everyone is welcome – keep an eye out for dates, come along and support this fantastic charity!

And, if you just can’t wait until then, don’t worry! Every time you shop with HomeByRachel online, you are helping to change the lives of these vulnerable young children.

Try our luscious Exotic Bamboo and Coconut Diffuser. Fill your home with the fresh scent of sandy beaches drenched in summer sunshine.

Support this immensely worthwhile cause by donating to The Hippopot Project, purchasing a scented diffuser or attending next year’s Malawi Smiles fundraiser.

Fashion: How scarves create feelings

Whether it’s a chunky knit, or a soft pashmina, scarves can make a huge difference to your day. And not just because they shelter you from those spring breezes.

At HomebyRachel, we believe that scarves create feelings. They can comfort you, provide shelter or even boost your confidence.

Each scarf can evoke a different sensation, so let’s explore the options and find the one that’s perfect for you.

Scarves can make you feel…


Some scarves are great for snuggling. They provide warmth and comfort in the face of brisk cold evenings.

A chunky knitted snood is probably your best option, or a long winding thick rectangle scarf wrapped closely round your neck. The fuzzy wool will instantly transport you to a cozy cabin on the mountainside, sipping hot chocolate by the fire.

These are definitely more practical than some other scarfs, so it’s best to opt for a neutral colour that will match with everything, without pulling focus.


Add a touch of elegance to your outfit by selecting a soft silk scarf or lightly woven pashmina.

Wrap it round your shoulders and feel the delicate fabric caress your skin. It’s the perfect addition to any evening dress. Avoid printed patterns in case they clash with your dress, aim for block neutral tones that complement your entire outfit.


Scarves can make or break an outfit. Select the right one, and you’ll feel like a million dollars.

Chiffon infinity scarves are particularly popular right now. The best thing about this look? They’re easy to wear. You don’t have to worry about how to wrap it, just place it over your head and it will do the rest.

Long, lightly woven printed scarves are also a must-have accessory. Especially those with interesting patterns that add a bit of oomph to your outfit.


Sometimes scarves aren’t meant to keep you warm, they’re meant to be seen.

Give your outfit some more character by adding a skinny scarf – think of Kate Moss in the 90s. That look is back, and easy to pull off. Just make sure it’s black so it will go with most of your wardrobe.

Try something a little different with studded scarves. They’re a little more adventurous and wearing one is sure to turn some heads!


We all have days where we just want to be bundled up in a blanket. Now you can, and you’ll look good doing it.

Shawls, capes and blanketscarves are becoming much more popular. The tight wool provides warmth and comfort for your whole body, not just your neck, and come in a range of patterns that will show off your identity perfectly.

Opt for a lighter silk shawl if you’re going to the beach. Use it to block out the breeze, or protect your skin from the sun if it gets too hot.

Select the scarf that makes you feel at your best. Think about where and why you would wear it, and make sure it is right for you.

At HomebyRachel, we understand how scarves create feelings. Fall in love with our timeless collection of scarves or browse our other sensual and fashionable items.

Scent layering, the HomebyRachel way

Scent layering is a way of infusing your home with luscious, enticing aromas that are all your own.

Your scent – and the scent of your home – is a unique signature that tells your friends, family and loved ones much about who you are. Scent layering lets you create your own unique aromas that reflect your personality, set the mood and take you back to happy times.

Discover the true potential of scent layering and how you can get started with HomebyRachel:

So, what is scent layering?

Scent layering means combining complementary aromas to enhance the atmosphere around the home.

Our homes all possess a complex scent already – whether we know it or not. Our perfumes, cleaning products and lifestyle choices all combine to create an intensely personal blend.

Scent layering gives you an opportunity change this into something that matches your personality, as well as the design and atmosphere of your home.

Having your own unique scent will fill you with joy whenever you get home from a long day at work. You could even create a scent with therapeutic qualities, that could help with everything from waking you up with energy and verve, to rocking you off into silent slumber.

And, how can I get started?

For something that can have such a profound effect, scent layering is easy to achieve.

Scent sources

Aromas come from everything around your home: cooking, furniture, fabrics, flowers – the sources are almost endless.

But, if you want to take ownership of your aroma and create something unique, your best bet is to combine heavily scented candles and diffusers.

Scent combinations

Scent layering gives you the chance to be completely original by combining scents you love to create unforgettable aromas.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a quick HomebyRachel guide to scent combinations:

Mood boosters

Scent is a great way to adapt the mood in your home. These are some of the moods you can create with different scent combinations:


Food and memory are intrinsically linked. When visitors pick up a culinary scent, they’ll immediately be transported back to a cherished moment in time.

Try balancing a sharp scent with a creamier, richer one. These are some of the combinations I would recommend:


Scents also have strong associations with places and the feelings they represent. Here are some ideas for recreating different locations with scent layering:

  • Ocean: sea salt and waterlily
  • Meadow: rose, geranium and lavender
  • Forest: bamboo and coconut, sandalwood and cypress

There’s so much to explore with scent layering. Take time to find irresistible ingredients and fill your home with scents that inspire you.

Trust HomebyRachel to fill your home with luscious aromas that are all your own. Discover our collection of scented candles and diffusers, or speak to our friendly team.

Heart and home

‘Heart and home’ – it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

A house is so much more than a bunch of bricks and furniture. It should be a home; a space that protects you, reflects you, and forms the backdrop to some of life’s most memorable moments.

Because, what is a home without a heart?

All that got me musing over those little additions that add meaning to our domestic spaces. I want to share some of these thoughts with you, and give you ideas for small changes that can turn your house into a home. Here we go!

A home inspires

Your home should inspire you from the moment you wake up.

It’s so much more than just a shelter – I imagine my walls, floors and furniture as my ideas writ large. That means coming up with complementary colour schemes that give you a different emotion in every room.

Whether it’s the sophistication of silver and gold, warmth of rich plum or effortless cool of blue/grey, this combination of colours should inspire you to take on each day with energy and vitality.

A home lives

Your home should feel like it’s alive.

Whether you’ve got a partner, kids, pets or it’s just you – it doesn’t matter. The space should feel like someone lives in it, not just exists in it.

Flowers are one of my favourite ways to breathe life into a room. There’s something that just lifts the mood whenever I fill a vase, unwrap fresh flowers and let the natural scent fill the air.

A home remembers

Your home is an intensely personal space.

For me, there’s one definite clue that says “This house has been lived in, and loved in” – photos!

Adorn your walls with pictures of your nearest and dearest, of special moments and the breathtaking landscapes you’ve visited. Your home should be a record of your life.

A home grows

Like all of us, our homes grow and change over time.

Favourite furniture can end up looking a little raggedy round the edges – that’s a given. But, rather than blowing your bank account on a brand new sofa, a throw might be all you need to give it a fresh, chic appeal.

Couple this with a few eye-catching cushions, and you’ll have created a comfy spot unlike any other.

A home infuses

Design is about more than just the aesthetic.

Your home should hum with the sounds and scents of your life, too. Whether a single aroma defines you, or a combination of complementary scents, spending a little extra time on this sensation can go a long way.

A new aroma has the potential to transform how guests perceive your home. I’m a stickler for changing things up each season; fresh floral blooms in summer and warm, rich spices in winter.

There you have it! Heart and home two inseparable sides of the same coin. Use these simple tips to add meaning to your domestic space and create a look that’s unashamedly yours.

Get all the ingredients you need to combine heart and home by calling on a little help from HomebyRachel.

From candles to crystals: Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll make you fall in love

Personal, effortlessly stylish Valentine’s Day gifts can help you fall in love all over again this February.

But, dropping some not so subtle hints about your dream gift and ideal romantic gesture can be a real challenge.

Our lovingly compiled Valentine’s Day gifts guide should give you the inspiration that you need:

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts


Jewellery has long been used to mark key moments in relationships. 14590427_10207526437342944_3280914956459672811_n

The combination of precious metals and sparkling crystals can be used to say anything from “I’m glad I’ve met you” to “I want to be with you forever”.

Freshen things up with new jewellery designs and ideas. Then come up with a delivery method that’ll take their breath away (a champagne flute, their secret hiding place or some special place for both of you).

From heart-shaped earrings to necklaces with a special message, there are lots of lovely trinkets to show your affection.

But, for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, you’ll need a visual metaphor that represents your strong supportive partnership. And, what better way to say it than with an interlocking love ring?


Candles can create an irresistible atmosphere. With flickering light and luscious scents, you’ll be lulled into a state ofhomebyrachel_candle heady romance.

Set the mood, enjoy a candlelit dinner, and light the way with handcrafted candles that fill your home with fresh, complex aromas.

Choosing the right scent will make sure your gesture has the desired effect. Combining the earthy, almost liquorice-like aroma of myrrh with the mouthwatering sweetness of rich caramel is one that can really ramp up the romance.

Bamboo and coconut is another combination that will add an element of exoticism to your evening. But, the ultimate in romantic scents has got to be bergamot and citrus; a musky yet fresh twist on an old classic, with elements of leather, cedar and patchouli.


Make that Valentine’s Day glow last all year round with a permanent addition to your home.Valentine's Day gifts

It should be a physical symbol representing the permanence of your love. Something that takes you back to those special moments whenever you need a little lift.

Start by thinking about the places in your home where you put things on display, and the types of object that might fit there.

If you share a love of reading, a heart-shaped bookend could be used to symbolise two halves of a whole that frame a unique collection of knowledge and experiences.

A picture frame can become a timeless window into your happiest times together. You can display it somewhere for the world to see, or keep it in an intimate spot. Make your beloved the first thing you see when you wake up with a photo frame that fits perfectly on your bedside table.

The big day is just around the corner. You’ll have to act fast to make sure your heart’s singing come Valentine’s Day.

Trust HomebyRachel to provide all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Explore our collection of candles and crystals, or speak to our friendly team.

The Scent of Autumn

What excites you most about Autumn?

As mornings grow crisp, and evenings cast amber light onto fallen leaves, here at Home by Rachel we can’t help but smile: true candle season is upon us! No matter your Autumn style, we have a unique blend to suit you in our shop

What could be better than unzipping your boots as you come in from the cold, hanging up your hat and scarf, and lighting your Rich Winter Cinnamon Luxury Candle? Fill your home with the aroma of the very best of winter; cinnamon, citrus orange and lemon, on a base of cosy wood and musk. Cuddle up with a cup of tea by the fire, and let the fragrance of the candle warm you, head to toe.  CinnamoncandleLONG

For most of us, Autumn means indulgent home comforts and delicious food. With the Chic Cocoa Café CocaCafeCandleLONGLuxury Candle, you warm your home with the mouth-watering aroma of roasted coffee beans, sprinkled with walnut and the finest cocoa. Perfect for hosting friends for coffee and cake, or spending the day beneath blankets, Ben & Jerry’s in hand.

With Christmas on the horizon, perhaps you’re thinking of gifts, and what could be more appropriate for the season than our Sweet Myrrh & Caramel luxury candle? Your home will smell sweet enough to eat, with this delectable blend of coconut, vanilla, caramel and walnut. MryyhCaramelLONG

Maybe you’re a summer child at heart? Hibernate the cold days away, snuggled in beside our Exotic Bamboo & Coconut Luxury Candle,

BambooCandleLONGlet the aroma of tropical lands transport you to a beach faraway, or help you count down to your Winter sun break.

Perhaps tropical beaches aren’t your thing at all and you just adore the fresh English sea-side. Our Restful Rock-Salt & Waterlily Luxury Candle RestfulrockCandleLONGpays homage to our childhood memories of English Summertime. With the notes of seaweed and a coastal breeze of cyclamen and water lily, you can practically hear the waves lapping at the shore.

Our Romantic Bergamot & Citrus Medley Luxury Candle BegamotCandleLONGwill create the warm glow of romance, essential to any evening for two. The sensual fragrances of leather, cedar, amber, patchouli and musk are given a modern twist with the addition of jasmine and tonka. Nothing could be more blissful than the embrace of a loved one, to help you defrost on these chilly Autumn nights.

However, you plan to spend the colder months, a Home by Rachel candle is the perfect addition to your home, or an elegant thoughtful gift.

Home by Rachel Launch

Home by Rachel Launch

Friday the 30th of September marked the official Home by Rachel launch. The sales team members were busy all day lighting candles, arranging jewellery, making my home sparkle and smell like heaven.

Home by Rachel Team14517573_10209882470912146_918869141023108543_n

Before we knew it, guests were pouring in. So many of my lovely friends and family members arrived to show their support for Home By Rachel, and of course have a great time.

Have a look at some of the photos that captured the evening.


Thank you to everyone who came to the Home by Rachel launch party, the evening was a great success because of you!

Much love,

Rachel x




Home by Rachel Photo Shoot

This was an exciting day, when we did a professional photo shoot of our beautiful Home by Rachel luxury candles and diffusers.  Richard, the photographer, has shot some amazing projects over the years, such as Rolls Royce, BMW, British Airways and I’m happy he can now add Home by Rachel to that salubrious client list!

My day started with a shopping trip for all sorts of accessories for the shoot, including cinnamon sticks, bamboo leaves, coconuts and caramel! When I got to the studio, we began by chopping fruit and flowers in readiness for the shoot.


After the fruit and veg prep, my next task was to set up the candles and diffusers with their accessories to correspond with their fragrances.  This took a while to get right as I wanted the images to look professional and uniform.

IMG_1831  IMG_1832IMG_1833We then began the shoot – making sure we had the right distance between camera and products!  I chose to display the products with the flowers and fruit to emphasise the beautiful natural fragrances encapsulated in every hand poured candle and diffuser.  Richard set up the cameras and lighting and finally, it was lights, camera, action and we were ready to shoot!


IMG_1823As you can see, Richard kindly let me have a go!  Although on balance, I think it was best I left it to the professional.

It was a long day in the studio, but I hope you’ll agree, the results were well worth it.

Happy shopping at Home by Rachel.