It’s Candle Season

We’re very nearly in peak Autumn time, which let’s be honest is the best time of year by far. With amber coloured leaves, crisp mornings and beautiful nights, Autumn really is picturesque.

Here at Home by Rachel we like to call Autumn and Winter ‘Candle Season’ the perfect time to cozy up next to one of our bespoke, hand-poured luxury candles. No matter your style or preference, we have a range of unique blends to suit all tastes, but this Autumn we want to showcase one of our original and best loved fragrances, Sweet Myrrh and Caramel.

Sweet Myrrh and Caramel is sweet, warm and delicate, as with all our candles the scent builds gradually, permeating the air with a gorgeous refined aroma that is always gentle and never overpowering. Sweet Myrrh and Caramel is a sophisticated floral blend of sweet myrrh with edible notes of nut, soft powder vanilla, coconut, caramel, walnut, soft woods, amber, musk and tonka. It makes the perfect gift for loved ones or yourself, the gift of relaxation, comfort and a beautiful atmosphere. Your home will smell sweet enough to eat, with this delectable blend of coconut, vanilla, caramel and walnut inspired by some of our very favourite treats.

Our candles are of the highest quality, hand-poured in the UK and made of 100% natural soya wax and burn for up to fifty hours. Aside from our signature candles, each of our fragrances also come in room-spray and diffuser forms. You can choose how you’d like to release your fragrance, opting for diffusers for peace of mind around children and pets, or room-sprays for an instant atmosphere.


Happy May! The year is whizzing by so fast, it’s important to take a moment and find a little time to enjoy yourself with friends and family. You will find everything you need online at   in order to decorate the perfect elegant spring garden, why not celebrate birthdays and special occasions this spring, in the intimate comfort of your own space?

A simple dinner at home can become enchanted by the romantic atmosphere you can create with a few easy touches. We have a beautiful spring collection of cushions and blankets for a pop of colour and a little extra comfort around the BBQ this summer once the sun has set. We provide elegant glass lanterns to keep candles safe and lit outside or you can opt for fairy-lights, and add a soft glow to table settings with ease. Your guests will love wrapping up in our soft-knit blankets and laying back against our cushions with a glass of bubbly.   

To help you on your way to curating the perfect spring garden, we are offering 25% off of orders over £100, for the next two weeks only with code MAY25.

Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer, the Home by Rachel London family.

Summer Fragrances

Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve had a lovely Easter and have been enjoying more sunlight and the inevitable April showers!

Here at Home by Rachel London, we’ve been having some very exciting new developments. We have been expanding our jewellery range, sourcing more and more gorgeous and unique pieces that will add a beautiful touch to your outfit. For dinner-parties and evenings in, we recommend layering necklaces, you can combine lengths, textures and even tones to create a beautiful and sophisticated touch. For nights out, we have both fashionable chunky pieces and delicate, dainty ranges enabling you to match your mood and dress an outfit up or down with a touch of easy glamour. Here at Home by Rachel London, we understand the importance of simple elegance, and we’ve built a beautiful range that reflects this. Don’t forget to check our website ( when you’re planning for an upcoming event, or putting together outfits for your holidays.

We’re also thrilled to be able to announce the launch of a brand new fragrance, The Scent of Elysium. Specially formulated and exclusive to Home by Rachel London, this fragrance will be available in candle, diffuser and room spray forms and we couldn’t be more excited, as it’s a truly gorgeous scent. The Scent of Elysium is inspired by heaven itself, it is a vibrant, fruity accord of juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach. It truly is heavenly and a delicious scent that will permeate your home and lift the spirits. Nothing could be more perfect this Spring and Summer as we wave goodbye to a chilly dark winter and cross our fingers for sunny days and balmy nights. The Scent of Elysium will also make a delightful and unique gift, we can’t wait for you all to try it!

 As promised, 2018 is going to be an exciting year with plenty on the horizon for Home by Rachel, stay tuned for more, and thank you for reading!

Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here, time to show the mothers in our lives how much we adore and appreciate them.

We all know mums who do an amazing job and always put others first, whether that’s your sister, your friend or your own mummy. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spread some love and treat someone special.

Home by Rachel is the perfect place to shop for a gift that’s unique, you won’t find replicas of our products anywhere on the high-street. Rachel hand-picks each piece of jewellery and item of homeware. We have cushion covers, blankets and throws, ornaments and of course our extensive range of jewellery which includes pieces in sterling silver and rose gold. Our candles, room-sprays and diffusers come in our custom range of perfumed fragrances. We recommend placing candles in glass lanterns for an elegant interior touch that will keep your candles safe around upholstery, children and pets. Perfect for mummies with busy households, take your Home by Rachel candle and lock yourself in the bathroom for a luxurious bath while the candle’s aroma permeates the air. We have scents to suit every mood!

Choose the gift that says best “I love you Mum!” and get FREE delivery when you spend £35.00 or more. Simply use code MUM1 at checkout.

From our family to yours we wish you an amazing Mother’s Day filled with love and joy.

Home by Rachel London Team

Cosiest,Prettiest Of Seasons

Autumn is here, that means it’s time to enjoy the cosiest, prettiest of seasons.
It’s time to wrap up in cosy autumn knits and venture out into the countryside to admire the falling, amber leaves. Time to huddle like penguins beneath the fireworks on bonfire night, or snuggle by the fire on family nights in on the sofa. However you plan to spend the autumn season, here at Home By Rachel we’ve developed scents that will allow you to create the atmosphere you’re craving. We have a range of scents that are perfectly formulated for the autumn season, our Rich Winter Cinnamon fragrance is inspired by comfort food, you’ll instantly be reminded of baking yummy childhood treats by this warm, rich scent. Our Restful Rock-salt and Waterlily scent is a soothing atmospheric blend that will wash right over you. The Sweet Myrrh and Caramel scent is as delicious as it sounds, but a round warm fragrance rather than a sugary one. Finally, the Romantic Bergamot and Citrus Medley fragrance is joyful and delicate, lifting the mood and soothing the soul. All of our fragrances come as candles, diffusers and room sprays so that you can enjoy them whenever and however you wish.

Don’t forget to check out our chic accessories to keep you looking gorgeous when you do decide to brave the chilly outdoors. At we carry cherry-picked boutique treasures that will see you through from day-to-night.

We hope you have the twinkliest, cuddliest autumn yet, and that your sparklers sparkle the brightest. Lots of love from all of us at Home By Rachel London.