Cosiest, Prettiest Of Seasons

Autumn is here, that means it’s time to enjoy the cosiest, prettiest of seasons.
It’s time to wrap up in cosy autumn knits and venture out into the countryside to admire the falling, amber leaves. Time to huddle like penguins beneath the fireworks on bonfire night, or snuggle by the fire on family nights in on the sofa. However you plan to spend the autumn season, here at Home By Rachel we’ve developed scents that will allow you to create the atmosphere you’re craving. We have a range of scents that are perfectly formulated for the autumn season, our Rich Winter Cinnamon fragrance is inspired by comfort food, you’ll instantly be reminded of baking yummy childhood treats by this warm, rich scent. Our Restful Rock-salt and Waterlily scent is a soothing atmospheric blend that will wash right over you. The Sweet Myrrh and Caramel scent is as delicious as it sounds, but a round warm fragrance rather than a sugary one. Finally, the Romantic Bergamot and Citrus Medley fragrance is joyful and delicate, lifting the mood and soothing the soul. All of our fragrances come as candles, diffusers and room sprays so that you can enjoy them whenever and however you wish.

Don’t forget to check out our chic accessories to keep you looking gorgeous when you do decide to brave the chilly outdoors. At we carry cherry-picked boutique treasures that will see you through from day-to-night.

We hope you have the twinkliest, cuddliest autumn yet, and that your sparklers sparkle the brightest. Lots of love from all of us at Home By Rachel London.