Heart and home

‘Heart and home’ – it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

A house is so much more than a bunch of bricks and furniture. It should be a home; a space that protects you, reflects you, and forms the backdrop to some of life’s most memorable moments.

Because, what is a home without a heart?

All that got me musing over those little additions that add meaning to our domestic spaces. I want to share some of these thoughts with you, and give you ideas for small changes that can turn your house into a home. Here we go!

A home inspires

Your home should inspire you from the moment you wake up.

It’s so much more than just a shelter – I imagine my walls, floors and furniture as my ideas writ large. That means coming up with complementary colour schemes that give you a different emotion in every room.

Whether it’s the sophistication of silver and gold, warmth of rich plum or effortless cool of blue/grey, this combination of colours should inspire you to take on each day with energy and vitality.

A home lives

Your home should feel like it’s alive.

Whether you’ve got a partner, kids, pets or it’s just you – it doesn’t matter. The space should feel like someone lives in it, not just exists in it.

Flowers are one of my favourite ways to breathe life into a room. There’s something that just lifts the mood whenever I fill a vase, unwrap fresh flowers and let the natural scent fill the air.

A home remembers

Your home is an intensely personal space.

For me, there’s one definite clue that says “This house has been lived in, and loved in” – photos!

Adorn your walls with pictures of your nearest and dearest, of special moments and the breathtaking landscapes you’ve visited. Your home should be a record of your life.

A home grows

Like all of us, our homes grow and change over time.

Favourite furniture can end up looking a little raggedy round the edges – that’s a given. But, rather than blowing your bank account on a brand new sofa, a throw might be all you need to give it a fresh, chic appeal.

Couple this with a few eye-catching cushions, and you’ll have created a comfy spot unlike any other.

A home infuses

Design is about more than just the aesthetic.

Your home should hum with the sounds and scents of your life, too. Whether a single aroma defines you, or a combination of complementary scents, spending a little extra time on this sensation can go a long way.

A new aroma has the potential to transform how guests perceive your home. I’m a stickler for changing things up each season; fresh floral blooms in summer and warm, rich spices in winter.

There you have it! Heart and home two inseparable sides of the same coin. Use these simple tips to add meaning to your domestic space and create a look that’s unashamedly yours.

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