Interior design for summer

Last week was the first time I’ve been able to get out and just bask in the sun, and it got me thinking about interior design for summer.

I’ve ditched that dense winter wardrobe and emerged from my cocoon. Shouldn’t I help my home do the same? My darlings, of course I should – and you should too!

So, while I was sipping a delectable Pinot out on the lawn, I asked myself “If I could share just a few secrets on interior design for summer, what would they be?” Here’s what I came up with:

Choosing colours and materials

Let’s start at the top. You’ll need to curate the colours and materials in your home to match the mood and palette of summer.

Don’t let the hot weather turn your home into a stuffy little cavern. Choose materials that breathe and open up the space, like linen, lace, hemp, cotton and silk.

Summer is made for contrast, so turn up your bright colours and darker tones. Ocean-side pale blues, rich bright coral and celadon are just some of my summer favourites. Mix up block prints with floral, natural or beach patterns to breathe life into a space.

Choose a selection of delightful items that bring a vivacious flash of excitement to the room. Display some decorative plates, cover a dark wood chair with a lighter throw and freshen up your cushions to make a bold statement.

Bringing the outdoors in

Summer is all about blending nature with your interior design.

Choose a theme as your starting point. Try a country garden or coastal look. Or, go all in with the glorious kitsch of a summer fete (think bunting, flags and twee tablecloths).

Build up your look by swapping in a few choice additions. Fill vases with fresh blooms and put them on your shelves, table or floor. Use bamboo and pale woods to make the room feel tactile.

Try shells or faux coral trinkets to conjure those beach memories. Pair with a little maritime chic – a nautical antique or vintage atlas.

Scent should be the cherry on top. Choose an aroma that complements your look perfectly, like bamboo and coconut, bergamot and citrus or rock salt and waterlily.

Cooling your space

It’s not just about how your space looks. It’s about how you feel in your space.

Switch out heavy drapes for long, flowing curtains. This’ll keep the sun out and give you a little privacy during the day. And, it’ll keep those critters out in the evenings!

In the boudoir, ditch the thick duvet and put on some light, cotton bedding. Buckwheat pillows look fabulous and keep your head cool all night.

While you’re at it, transform the spaces you’ve been using for heating. Use radiators and fireplaces as a blank canvas to paint your ideas on.

That should be enough to get you started on perfecting your interior design for summer. Until next time!

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