Make a difference with Malawi Smiles

HomeByRachel is a proud supporter of the Malawi Smiles initiative. A a charitable project that helps orphans in Malawi gain access to education.

With education, these children – who have endured so much hardship in their young lives – will be given the tools they need to take control of their futures. They will also be able to contribute more to their local communities.

Here, we’ll introduce you to this life-changing initiative. We’ll also suggest ways to get involved in raising awareness and funds to help orphaned children in Malawi.

Malawi Smiles changes lives

The civil war that raged in Mozambique during the 1970s led many families to flee their homes. Some crossed the border with Malawi in search of safety.

This resulted in great upheaval. Family members became scattered as individuals became sick, passed away or left to find work – of which there was little to none available.

Food and clothing became scarce, and children were left in the care of elderly relatives, who would soon need support themselves. Education fell by the wayside as children were forced to spend time looking for the basic sustenance they needed to survive.

Malawi Smiles and The Hippopot Project

Alice Nugent was the sister of one of the grandmothers asked to care for these children. She saw the situation first-hand, and was compelled to do something to help.

Through Hippopot (Alice’s herbal tea company), she began developing a series of initiatives designed to help these children in any way she could. Alice called this ‘The Hippopot Project‘.

The Hippopot Project has already run a series of successful initiatives meant to give these kids a brighter future, including:

Malawi Smiles is the latest of these initiatives. The main aim is to raise funds to pay for the school and maintenance fees, food, and clothing that give orphaned children the chance of a brighter future.

As of April 2017, children supported by Malawi Smiles have been in school for well over 18 months. At HomeByRachel, we’re committed to doing more to ensure these kids can complete their studies, and to help offer the same opportunities to other orphaned children in Malawi.

Your chance to get involved

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of all those who have donated to this worthy cause.

Most recently, Malawi Smiles held a night “full of heart-warming smiles, soul-warming music, and body-warming food”, which raised £936 for the cause.

A trip to the children’s orphanage has been booked in for July. And, HomeByRachel is also preparing for the initiative’s biggest event yet, which is scheduled to take place next year.

Everyone is welcome – keep an eye out for dates, come along and support this fantastic charity!

And, if you just can’t wait until then, don’t worry! Every time you shop with HomeByRachel online, you are helping to change the lives of these vulnerable young children.

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Support this immensely worthwhile cause by donating to The Hippopot Project, purchasing a scented diffuser or attending next year’s Malawi Smiles fundraiser.