Our Christmas Gift Sets Are Back in Stock

Our Christmas fragrances gift sets are now back in stock, by popular demand. Surprise someone you love with our luxury fragrance gift sets; they make a great gift.

We love many things about autumn/winter. The walks. The autumn foliage. The cosy evenings spent inside our home.  Yes, we love winter and fragrances gift sets are perfect for the season. The days might get colder, but who doesn’t like to get warm and cosy inside whilst it gets all wintery outside? We are set to spend more time in our home this winter season. It is now the right time to fill your home with comforting scents and warmth.

Shop our carefully curated selection of fragrance Christmas gifts available online.

Rich Winter Cinnamon

This mouthwatering gift set smell like you’ve guessed it. The winter Rich Winter Cinnamon is a Spicy mix of Clove & Citrus aromas blended over a Wood & Musk base note topped with a hint of Floral Jasmine.


Winter Romance

The comforting smell of dessert baked with love on the sofa (Scent of Elysium, Sweet Myrrh & Caramel, Romantic Bergamot & Citrus Medley) will carry you through the festive season.

Home by Rachel London says ‘dream a little and then a bit more.


Romantic Bergamot & Citrus Medley 

This romantic, more masculine scented candle blends wood and citrus, bergamot, orange & rosemary. This beautiful candle delivers a modern twist of jasmine and tonka, on top of leather, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk.


Restful Rocksalt & Waterlily

A beautiful, fresh sea scent with notes of seaweed and green algae livened by a coastal breeze of cyclamen and water lily. At the heart of the fragrance sparkling salt-crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.

This would work well in a nautical-themed setting but is truly restful and refreshing wherever it might be located. Pure in thought and deed? With a sense of invigorating freedom.


Scent of Elysium

This really is the scent of heaven. Sweet, fresh, beautiful, captivating, enchanting. The final destination, the full stop. The fullness and richness of life shrouded in ethereal completeness. Such depth, vast and exuberant. Reserved for the discerning. Selected for those who luxuriate in the good thing of life. with a promise of more to come. “Take my breath away!”

Black plum, fresh rhubarb, ripe pear, sweet peach. Vibrant, fruity, mouth-watering, mood-inspiring.