Exotic Bamboo & Coconut Luxury Candle


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An exotic blend of mouth-watering mandarin, grapefruit and rhubarb over milky coconut supported by bamboo, lychee, musk, sandalwood & vanilla.
This fragrance will take you on a journey from your home across the waters to the Caribbean. sunshine, tropical sunsets, clear blue skies and crystal-clear waters. Think swimming, freedom, palm trees dancing in the breeze, parties on the beach, Pina Colada in hand this delightful fragrance will assail your senses and evoke all those precious and nostalgic memories.
Home by Rachel London stirs the senses and releases the exotic.


100% natural soya wax.

Pure Essential oils.

Size 30cl- Burns for up to 50 hours

Handmade & Hand poured in the UK.

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