Rich Winter Cinnamon Luxury Candle


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Out she comes like a jack-in-the-box, bursts of memories of childhood days, when winter was nothing but excitement and smells of cooking and preparation, the splendor for a day once a year that you wish would last a life time. Heady, aromatic, spicy aroma mingles with fruity citrus and orange. Clove filters through with floral jasmine, playfully combined with bass notes of wood and musk.
Clove-studded oranges, puddings and pies baking, drinks with friends, laughter, mulled wine and a true sense of excitement, wonder and joy fills the air.
Home by Rachel London brings you Christmas in a box. Happy memories.

Size: 30cl – Burns for up to 50 hours.

100% natural soya wax.

Pure essential oils

Hand made & hand poured in the UK.


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