Scent Of Elysium Large 3 wick candle


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Black plum, fresh rhubarb, ripe pear, sweet peach. Vibrant, fruity, mouth-watering, mood-inspiring.

This really is the scent of heaven. Sweet, fresh, beautiful, captivating, enchanting. The final destination, the full stop. The fullness and richness of life shrouded in an ethereal completeness. Such depth, vast and exuberant. Reserved for the discerning. Selected for those who luxuriate in the good thing of life. with a promise of more to come. “Take my breath away!”

This candle is handmade and hand poured soya wax infused with the essential oils of Scent of Elysium fragrance – which is sure to give if a heavenly experience.

Approximately 72 hours’ burn time

Out of stock

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