Secrets of soft furnishings: curating your home with cushions and throws

Curating your soft furnishings is a practical and low-cost way of displaying your style, and refreshing it for new seasons or looks.

We’ve put together this set of golden rules to help you make the most of cushions and throws in your home:

Soft furnishings can bring your home to life

  • Use cushions and throws to bring out emotion. In the bedroom, you might want to represent calm and cohesion, while your living room could be vibrant, fun and intriguing.
  • Play with colour and texture to create something that’s all you. Sleek materials present an air of order and style, while tactile materials just ooze relaxation and comfort.
  • Know when to contrast and when to complement. Use pastel colours to complement the effortless sophistication of dark wood, and contrast neutral tones with vibrant fabrics to liven things up.
  • Change materials to match the seasons. Bring in faint linens and pandans in summer, and rich wool, mohair or cashmere in winter.
  • Match furniture of different styles. Use the same style of cushion or throw across furniture of different types to make the room’s design feel cohesive.
  • And, why stop at your front door? Use cushions and throws to bring a dash of style and comfort to your garden furniture this summer.

Curating your cushions and throws

You’re the most important ingredient in creating a space that matches your tastes. But, here are a few tips to help get you started:


Cushions can enhance almost any space. Think about which type is best suited to each environment:

  • A diverse selection of pillows for sofas or beds
  • A huge, oversized floor pillow for your living space
  • A thick, square cushion to revitalise an old wooden chair

For sofas and beds, mix-and-match the size, colour and shape of your cushions. Stick to a maximum of three colours that complement one another.

Use neutral tones for larger cushions, mid-tones for medium-sized ones and brighter colours for the smallest to accentuate the space.

A large square cushion is infinitely practical, but smaller cushions can work better as rectangles, or even circles.

Cushions are great for introducing a bit of geometry. But, if you’re going for a patterned look, try sticking to a single cushion size and similar designs to stop it looking too busy.


Think about the style, material and presentation of your throws.

Cotton, cashmere and other fine-knit throws look chic when pressed, folded and centred on your sofa, or draped over the arm as an invitation to visitors.

But, fur and chunky-knit wool look better when crumpled, cascaded or thrown, and are irresistibly indulgent come the colder months.

A throw draped over the foot of your bed can make it feel cozier and more inviting. But, why not try something a little different?

Layer multiple complementary throws over one another (bold over neutral and pattern over block colours) to different depths for the ultimate in luxury. Cover the whole bed with a larger throw, or drape it neatly over the headboard to add a splash of colour.

Don’t hold back! Get out there and start experimenting with your soft furnishings.

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