Summer jewellery

The sun might be hiding, but that hasn’t stopped me daydreaming about summer jewellery.

Is it turning into an obsession? Maybe. But, I just love how the right piece can make a delicate summer outfit ‘pop’; how the sunlight transforms perceptions of colour and glints enticingly off gems and polished metals.

Let’s be real, though. This is England, and we’ve got to squeeze every last second out of the sunny times before we’re cast into cloud again. That means getting your summer wardrobe ready – and stat!

Here are some of my style secrets to help choose the perfect summer jewellery:


What do you imagine when you think of summer?

For me, it’s all about garden parties, impromptu picnics, strolling along the promenade and getting my exercise fix outdoors – as well as a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Basically, it’s everything you can’t do for the rest of the year. And, you need the jewellery to match.

If you’re showing off a little more skin, think about accessorising in different ways. Use your skin as a canvas and summer jewellery as your paint.

Two of my absolute faves for summer are ankle bracelets and long, tumbling necklaces.

And, as you’re shedding the layers, why not compensate with a little extra jewellery? Layered, lengthy necklaces with textured details or layered chokers just scream boho chic.

Try it with bracelets, too. Choose a selection of bold items in complementary shades, and don’t be afraid to mix up materials. Draw the eye down to those fabulous nails.


The changing shades of summer sunshine demand a new jewellery colour palette.

My rule is “Go gold, go bold, or go old” (more on that last bit later).

Gold complements the warm tones of a summer evening. If traditional gold isn’t your thing, try softer tones – like the pinkish glow of rose gold.

I can’t resist going bold, either. Spark the fuse on a bright outfit by pairing it with jewellery in pinks and purples, or ocean-like azures.

You could even go the other way entirely. Organic tones and shapes will make you feel at one with nature. Or, go all in and choose jewellery made to look like natural objects.


Here’s where that “go old” thing comes in. Summer is the time to spread your wings and fly beyond the conventions of simple metallic jewellery.

When I see people wearing these classic, timeless materials, my heart skips a beat.

Pearls – they’re vintage, organic and a little reminder of the seaside. Combining complementary pearl jewellery is a piece of cake. And, if you can resist touching it, you’re a stronger person than I am!

Crystal has magical properties. I’m not talking healing stones, I’m talking the same appeal as a log fire in winter – you just can’t look away. With angular shapes and bold colours, crystal makes a real statement.

There you have it – a window into my daydreaming mind! I hope you’ve found something handy. Get your jewellery game on point and make a splash at your social soirees this summer.

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