Homeware: Seasonal style tips for spring

What better way to celebrate the start of a new season than by sprucing up your home with HomebyRachel’s seasonal style tips for spring?

Discover all the latest seasonal homeware trends and – of course – the HomebyRachel touches that can make your spaces truly unforgettable.

Scene setting

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas.

Your home must go back to basics if you’re to build a look that’s contemporary yet homely and adaptable for all seasons.

This means keeping things simple with muted, block colours on the walls and floors that flow from room to room.

An emerging trend in 2017 is a return to timeless, uniquely crafted furniture. Make sure you’re choosing furniture that’s characterful, but doesn’t dominate the space.

You can then overlay bold, statement homeware accessories and lighting to make the space all your own every season.

Colour palette

Neutrals are truly on-trend for spring 2017. Build up your backdrop using muted tones, including:

  • Pale gray
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Camel
  • Blush pink

Overlay this backdrop with bold colours; plum, rich browns and eye-catching metallic tones like gold, silver and bronze.

The full spectrum of greens – everything from lime to olive – looks set to be a major feature in 2017, and is ideal for reflecting the rebirth of spring. Weave this into your look with fresh, green-stemmed flowers, green glass crockery or a shaggy green rug.


Splash your bold spring motifs across cushions, throws and other accessories to add a unique dash of style.


Spring was made for floral motifs. Complex, intertwining patterns strike a primal chord, and provide so much opportunity to incorporate eye-catching blues, yellows, purples and reds.


With everyone from Marc Jacobs to Prada experimenting with tropical prints on the catwalk already this year, it’s hard to look past tropical as this year’s must-have motif.


Geometric patterns are an old favourite that make a statement but maintain a sense of order. Use complementary colours and designs to pick out or join up particular areas (like a single pattern for seating areas).


Colour isn’t the only way to show off your original approach to spring style. Texture is getting ever more important too.

Combining thick layered or woven fabrics on plain leather or wood can create a statement juxtaposition. Subtly textured wallpaper is another way to introduce materials that are responsive to touch.

But, to stay in vogue in 2017, try combining something natural and clean (think: marble) with something industrial yet glamorous (like brushed steel or nickel).

Even better – try gold, or bronze. These characterful metals have a warm glow and changes as it oxidises, giving off an organic, emerald-green shimmer.

Try out these seasonal style tips for spring and create spaces that reflect your unique eye for design.

Discover how HomebyRachel can help get your home set for spring with more homeware style advice and unforgettable accessories.

From candles to crystals: Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll make you fall in love

Personal, effortlessly stylish Valentine’s Day gifts can help you fall in love all over again this February.

But, dropping some not so subtle hints about your dream gift and ideal romantic gesture can be a real challenge.

Our lovingly compiled Valentine’s Day gifts guide should give you the inspiration that you need:

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts


Jewellery has long been used to mark key moments in relationships. 14590427_10207526437342944_3280914956459672811_n

The combination of precious metals and sparkling crystals can be used to say anything from “I’m glad I’ve met you” to “I want to be with you forever”.

Freshen things up with new jewellery designs and ideas. Then come up with a delivery method that’ll take their breath away (a champagne flute, their secret hiding place or some special place for both of you).

From heart-shaped earrings to necklaces with a special message, there are lots of lovely trinkets to show your affection.

But, for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, you’ll need a visual metaphor that represents your strong supportive partnership. And, what better way to say it than with an interlocking love ring?


Candles can create an irresistible atmosphere. With flickering light and luscious scents, you’ll be lulled into a state ofhomebyrachel_candle heady romance.

Set the mood, enjoy a candlelit dinner, and light the way with handcrafted candles that fill your home with fresh, complex aromas.

Choosing the right scent will make sure your gesture has the desired effect. Combining the earthy, almost liquorice-like aroma of myrrh with the mouthwatering sweetness of rich caramel is one that can really ramp up the romance.

Bamboo and coconut is another combination that will add an element of exoticism to your evening. But, the ultimate in romantic scents has got to be bergamot and citrus; a musky yet fresh twist on an old classic, with elements of leather, cedar and patchouli.


Make that Valentine’s Day glow last all year round with a permanent addition to your home.Valentine's Day gifts

It should be a physical symbol representing the permanence of your love. Something that takes you back to those special moments whenever you need a little lift.

Start by thinking about the places in your home where you put things on display, and the types of object that might fit there.

If you share a love of reading, a heart-shaped bookend could be used to symbolise two halves of a whole that frame a unique collection of knowledge and experiences.

A picture frame can become a timeless window into your happiest times together. You can display it somewhere for the world to see, or keep it in an intimate spot. Make your beloved the first thing you see when you wake up with a photo frame that fits perfectly on your bedside table.

The big day is just around the corner. You’ll have to act fast to make sure your heart’s singing come Valentine’s Day.

Trust HomebyRachel to provide all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Explore our collection of candles and crystals, or speak to our friendly team.