Home by Rachel Photo Shoot

This was an exciting day, when we did a professional photo shoot of our beautiful Home by Rachel luxury candles and diffusers.  Richard, the photographer, has shot some amazing projects over the years, such as Rolls Royce, BMW, British Airways and I’m happy he can now add Home by Rachel to that salubrious client list!

My day started with a shopping trip for all sorts of accessories for the shoot, including cinnamon sticks, bamboo leaves, coconuts and caramel! When I got to the studio, we began by chopping fruit and flowers in readiness for the shoot.


After the fruit and veg prep, my next task was to set up the candles and diffusers with their accessories to correspond with their fragrances.  This took a while to get right as I wanted the images to look professional and uniform.

IMG_1831  IMG_1832IMG_1833We then began the shoot – making sure we had the right distance between camera and products!  I chose to display the products with the flowers and fruit to emphasise the beautiful natural fragrances encapsulated in every hand poured candle and diffuser.  Richard set up the cameras and lighting and finally, it was lights, camera, action and we were ready to shoot!


IMG_1823As you can see, Richard kindly let me have a go!  Although on balance, I think it was best I left it to the professional.

It was a long day in the studio, but I hope you’ll agree, the results were well worth it.

Happy shopping at Home by Rachel.